Taxi Travel Corp is pleased to take you to Brussels airport, located in the municipality of Zaventem, or drop you off directly at the location of your choice in the region.

Taking a taxi to go to the airport is offering yourself a moment of relaxation, far from the hustle and bustle of crowded alternatives. As part of an intramural journey or a long distance race, you can be sure that we will honor your order, aiming for the shortest journey time.

Whatever the time of day or night, looking for a taxi in Zaventem will no longer be a problem. Our experienced drivers are ready to provide a station transfer, an airport transfer, a simple private trip or a tailor-made round trip.

To order a vehicle, nothing could be simpler: a call to our telephone center or a message sent to our team always ready to satisfy you… and your private driver will be at your doorstep in a few minutes.


Those who need to reach Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly or a district of the French capital can be reassured: our services extend to the city of light.

As for Brussels, we know all the accesses and particularities. It is this ease of ensuring a connection between each area and places of interest that is our strength. We respect the rates of traditional taxis moreover, because the clientele deserves foolproof transparency.

Any alternative is possible: a taxi on reservation, an immediate race… and this in the desire to cover all imaginable destinations: Charleroi, Liège, Namur, Lille (France), Amiens (France)… it’s as simple as dial a number or fill out a small reservation module.

Once comfortably installed in the heart of our vans, you will appreciate a positive atmosphere, combined with an extraordinary concern for hygiene. Your luggage, meanwhile, will be carefully stored in our trunk.

Beyond reasonable pricing and no bad surprises, we allow travelers to pay in cash or by credit card, whichever suits them best. Travel with a free spirit thanks to this sense of adaptation for which we are renowned.

You won’t have to worry about tolls and other road obstacles. Our private drivers take care of organizing everything, according to a finely tuned system.

We can of course welcome you to the airport car park at the drop-off point if you are returning from vacation. It is also possible to escort you to the terminal which marks the start of your excursions, at the airport of Brussels, Paris, Lille Lesquin…

All your business and private trips are provided by our reliable team. By relying on an approved taxi company like ours, you avoid the scams of an illegal taxi and enjoy a smooth transfer.

Want to get in a taxi right now? Are you looking for a punctual provider, ready to take on any challenge? No problem. Taxi Travel Corp, from/to Zaventem or elsewhere, is the absolute assurance of a quality service.

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