Thanks to Taxi Travel Corps, it is very easy to order a taxi to go to Liège or leave the city to reach an airport, a train station or any other locality. We cover Wallonia and its surroundings, knowing that our VTC service can also take you to Lille or Paris.

The city of Liège is perhaps not as well known as Brussels, but remains very interesting at the cultural level, and teems with activities. During your business trip or vacation, you will discover a city full of surprises.

One thing is certain: speed and responsiveness are our hallmarks. As far as possible, we pick you up at the place of your choice and drop you off where you want. It can be the drop-off at the airport, the car park in front of Liège or Brussels station… in any case, we do as quickly as possible, while obviously remaining careful on the road.

If you are looking for punctual taxi drivers, who know the way and respect customers in all circumstances, then we have exactly what you need. Specialists in the transport of people, we want to offer a tailor-made service to all those who have to travel intramuros or to the surrounding regions, including in neighboring France (Paris, Lille, Amiens, Valenciennes, etc.).


We guarantee both comfortable vans, as spacious as they are airy, and fair prices, defined according to the distance travelled. To book a taxi Liège Brussels, Liège Mons, Liège Namur (these are of course only examples), our reservation system is at your entire disposal.

It makes more sense to allow quick and easy orders, right? This is why we accept reservations on the Internet as well as those via our telephone exchange.

All the TGV rail networks or regional trains, as well as the Belgian or French airport terminals are within your reach. Our trained and experienced taxi drivers know how to make each experience as pleasant as it is discreet.

By opting for a taxi company such as ours, you leave aside the complexity of public transport: you will take a flight or reach your meeting place without worrying about the route and without having to deal with nuisances sound of public alternatives. We will also be happy to manage your luggage when you travel, whether you are leaving from Brussels, Charleroi or Liège.

And if you’re worried about not finding a taxi at certain times of the year, you can rest easy: Taxi Travel Corp operates at full speed all year round, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It goes without saying that public holidays are included. We made this choice because business trips or private trips can happen at any time. We therefore want to be ready to make your daily life easier. See you soon aboard our vehicles!

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