VTC Brussels

Travel Corp is a VTC company that offers tailor-made passenger transport services, bringing meticulous care to all of our services.

Do you only accept the best when looking for a VTC in Brussels? This is exactly what we offer you. Our vehicles with driver have only one objective in mind: to transport you to the destination of your choice in a very pleasant atmosphere, all in the most total benevolence.

As for the itineraries, they are entirely at your discretion. By calling us or booking via a modern and efficient booking module, you can order a VTC for all kinds of trips: Brussels-Paris, Brussels-Liège, Liège-Mons… all roads, all roads and motorways in Belgium or neighboring nations are within our reach.


VTC Airport

Getting to a terminal to catch your plane is no small feat. When luggage weighs us down, when it is necessary to provide a margin to pass the security gates, it is better to remain calm and favor a VTC transfer. Public transport, on the other hand, can be much less precise and cause very inconvenient delays.

It is in complete safety and according to regulated tariffs that you can reach the airport of your choice. Very gladly, we are also able to pick you up, to take you to the doors of a hotel in Brussels, a restaurant in Charleroi…

Travel Corp is a taxi company prepared for all eventualities, at the last minute or according to a largely anticipated reservation. Thanks to our taxi drivers mastering their profession down to the smallest nuances, you will be a satisfied passenger.


VTC Station

There are obviously many stations in Belgium. To reach them with ease, or for a transfer from these railway areas, Travel Corp gladly deploys its fleet of cars with driver.

The comfort that you will feel in the heart of the passenger compartments and in the image of the elegance with which our vehicles are dressed. Combining discretion and precision, we know Belgium well enough, from Brussels to Namur via Dinant or Tournai, for your shopping to be of obvious efficiency.

The Brussels-Midi station, like that of Lièges-Guillemins, are part of our daily journeys. And we never take a break as a company: there will always be a quality provider to pick you up and drop you off in the conditions you deserve. Because for us, a VTC station service must meet every need!


Private driver

Booking a VTC with private driver is not reserved for big celebrities. Taxi Travel Corp is at the service of Belgians in Wallonia and its nearby localities to facilitate their travels.

Comfort is our top priority. We really want to make a difference to the experiences you can have on public transport.

To get to Brussels, to reach this famous European capital from Paris or as part of a simple trip within any Belgian city, you can count on the seriousness and punctuality of the VTC drivers who make up our team.

You have the possibility to book immediately if a last minute trip is necessary, or contact our switchboard to organize a future trip. Our dialog on the website also offers the possibility of ordering a VTC. In any case, it is the must of the vehicle with driver which criss-crosses the roads thanks to Taxi Travel Corp.

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